The “Beach Graphics” Series

“Beach Graphics #61”

Beach Graphics Photo Series

A great past time at the shore is browsing through the shops, especially the shore-themed shops.  The items entice you to purchase them because you so want to bring “a piece of the shore” back home with you.  Ever notice how many prints in those shops are one of three themes:  Gulls flying, pelicans sitting on a piling, or sandpipers running from the waves; empty Adirondack chairs on a deck facing the waves; or shells on the sand?  Ever get tired of those prints?  I did.  Hence, the Beach Graphics series was born.  In this series, I explore what I love so much about the beach:  lots of bright colors and interesting, layered forms.  In Beach Graphics, I’m not interested in “a photo of a brightly colored beach umbrella.”  I’m interested in how they layer together, how their flaps flutter in the breeze.  I’m interested in the shapes and forms of beach gear and tents; of how brightly colored beach towels lay on the sand.  These photo prints are definitely for folks seeking a new look for their beach get-away, or for the wall of their office cubicle.  Get funky.

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