Serengeti Lion Photo Show at the Hunterdon County Library, Clinton, NJ

"Angel When Sleeping"

The Hunterdon County Library – North County Branch in Clinton, NJ, is displaying 18 of my framed photo prints of a lion pride that I spend much of a day with in the famed Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa.  The selected photos are selected from a series of shots taken throughout the day where a lion pride hunted, slept and played near a waterhole. The matriarch and eldest sister slept during most of the day; the younger lionesses hunted (successfully) for zebra at a waterhole, and the cubs played and napped on a fallen Acacia tree nearby.  These photo prints are for sale, and discounts will be given to library members.  They will hang at the library for the month of December 2011.  Contact me at for more information and prices.


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