Winding Roads

"Farm Story" Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I spent the afternoon today traveling along some very old back country roads in Warren County and western Hunterdon County in central Western NJ.  Got some good shots of old barns and stone building, especially fallen down buildings.  It’s sad to think that some people hate winter – they think everything looks dead.  I love all of the shades of tans, browns and umbers.  Quite lovely, in its own way.  However, our winter has been so mild that grass is still growing, much to the delight of cows.   I just can’t pass up photographing cows.  Don’t know why.  I titled this shot “Farm Story,” because there seems to be so much going on, starting with the sentinel on the mound watching me.  Click on the photo to take a closer look and you’ll see all the players.  Someone could come up with a good story for this photo, for sure!

Happy trails,


5 thoughts on “Winding Roads

  1. an evocative photo, telling a story indeed …I love the sombre colours, and the geese are exactly like a flock we had years ago, so very lovely, I can hear their voices calling now, thank you Anne 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments! What kind of geese are they? Do you know? There is also one Canada goose, a wild goose, in the pond with the domestics. I’m surprised that the domestics accepted it.

    • Thank you, Frizz. I’ve visited your site and your are really great. You’ve put a lot into your blog, I can see. I’m still very new to this (about two months), and I enjoy viewing and reading the work of others.


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