“Derelict Barn” (Paintography)

"Derelict Barn" (Paintography) - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

On a recent wandering around the area, I came across this derelict barn.  It was a moody, overcast winter day.  The lines and colors of the barn were appealing, especially the browns of the wood, the red rust of the tin roof, and the almost garish oranges, yellows, tans and browns of the tiled silo.  That type of silo is not found frequently in Western New Jersey, and I definitely wanted a shot.  I also like the spiky trees behind the barn, and how the vines climbing up the center of the building echoed the trees.  Then there was the soft green foundation of dying grass.  In sort, there was a lot going on in the composition that I liked.  Alas, the photo itself didn’t look like what I saw in my mind’s eye.  Of course, it looked like the building, but I saw something else there.  I decided that what I saw was a stylized version of the composition, so I began experimenting with some photo shop effects.  The accented line effect helped me to create what I saw, and even added a few extras that I hadn’t – like the black dots of the birds in the trees.  They really didn’t show much in the straight photo.  I realize that some photographers don’t like using photo shop effects, but I’m not one of them!  I actually use paintography techniques fairly frequently. 

Happy trails …


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9 thoughts on ““Derelict Barn” (Paintography)

    • Thanks so much, Rommel! So glad that you saw the beauty in it that I did. When you sit and look at the barn for a while, the textures, lines and forms begin to take shape. Glad you liked it, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

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