New Photo Gallery Posted: Backyard Birds

"Slate-Colored Junko With Iron Garden Fence" Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Greetings.  I’ve posted a new photo gallery featuring photos of back yard birds, most of which are from my backyard.  My favorites are the colorful woodpeckers.  My favorite shot is the one above, where my iron garden fence creates a fanciful background to the ground-feeding slate-colored junko.  It’s interesting how many birds feed a one suet feeder, but not all of them actually feed directly from the suet feeder.  Are you a birdwatcher, too?


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4 thoughts on “New Photo Gallery Posted: Backyard Birds

  1. My grandparents were avid birdwatchers and I remember their driving from Illinois to Florida to see some birds when I was little.
    I am not a true birdwatcher but I had a dear friend Dorothy who was and delighted in the birds coming to her feeder. So I have nice memories of birdwatchers and appreciate your beautiful photos.

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