A Reminder of Summer: Green Frog

"Frog In A Pond" Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I was wandering through my photos and came across this fine frog, hanging out in a shallow pond.  I miss hearing them croak at night.  They will be back, soon enough, though.  (But first, I want to hear the Great Horned Owls hooting at each other in February, finding a mate.)  I ended up fooling around with this photo, and enjoyed how it turned out.  I purchased Photoshop not long ago and I’m having a blast with the techniques.  I realize that some photographers are purists, and I admire your discipline and great skill.  But, I’m just having too  much fun to be disciplined! 


~ Anne

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3 thoughts on “A Reminder of Summer: Green Frog

  1. Photoshop is your friend 🙂 I look at it as I’m creating art, at least I hope so, so I have no problem enhancing a photo. As long as it stays within the realm of believability that is. I use Lightroom 3 and several plug-ins to do what ever I feel is needed to achieve the final image that was in my head when I pressed the shutter.

    Love the frog!

    • I haven’t tried any of the plug-ins, yet. Still playing with Photoshop. I like to turn the photos into “paintings.” Not sure why, but they look so pretty to me. It may be a phase, but I sure am enjoying it! Thanks for stopping by again, Jeff. I do enjoy frogs.


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