“My Day With A Lion Pride” Gallery Updated With New Photos

"See-Saw" Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I’ve updated my gallery featuring my photos of a lion pride that I had the amazing opportunity to watch and photograph in the heart of the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa.  There are now about 30 photos of this pride from throughout their day posted in the gallery.  You can find the photo galleries on the links to the right.  I’ve also added narratives for each of the photos to help you understand a bit of what was happening.  If this gallery doesn’t convince you to take that safari, I don’t know what will!


5 thoughts on ““My Day With A Lion Pride” Gallery Updated With New Photos

  1. An African safari is second only to scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef on my list of dream vacations / things to do before I die. Your photos make me want it even more.

    • Jeff – I liked that I could stay in the jeep to stay free of biting teeth, slashing claws and stomping feet. I would be way too scared in the open water, but I sincerely wish I weren’t! That has to be fantastic to do. Let me know if you do – I want to see the photos.

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