On Golden Pond: Bufflehead at Sunset (Paintography)

"On Golden Pond" (Male Bufflehead Duck)-Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I love ducks, and my favorite duck is the diminutive Bufflehead, which runs between 12 – 16 inches long.  Their name derives from “buffalo head.”  Buffleheads are divers, and their heads and bodies seem to pop out of the water at the end of their dives.  This shot is of a male Bufflehead, which has the bright white and black head.   They usually come around in the early fall and early spring to rest and eat in preparation for the rest of their migration between the southern US and their breeding grounds in Canada.  I captured this shot on a small pond near sunset, when the water turned golden, and used a paintography effect on the photo.


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13 thoughts on “On Golden Pond: Bufflehead at Sunset (Paintography)

    • Hi Orples. They are darling little creatures. The paintography effect is really pretty. It outlines everything in black as if it were a pen & ink drawing, and then using a particular technique, I flatten out the content/color so that it looks like a watercolor. I am enambered with this process! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


      • Ah HA! You had me fooled. I thought it had the feel of a painting, but sometimes photographs, even left alone can be deceiving. Had you not mentioned it, I would have thought perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me. 🙂 I’ve never seen a bufflehead duck, so that alone was a treat for me.

  1. Love the little darlin’ Bufflehead! They’re kind of skittish though, and hard to get a good close-up of.

    This is a beautiful composition.

    I’m a true duck lover. Don’t know which one is my favourite … love them all, mallards, wigeons, you name it.

    Recently, we had a white duck in the pond …a cross-breed, and she was cute beyond words.

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