Changed My Blog Theme

I decided to try a different blog theme.  The original background was light and decorative.  I changed it to a plain, dark background in order to place the focus on the photos, as this is primarily a photo blog.  If you’ve been here before, I’d be interested in your feedback about the change.

New header photo: “Going Somewhere”  (Snow Geese)  I used a paintography technique on the header photo.



18 thoughts on “Changed My Blog Theme

  1. Thanks! My only concern with this theme is that the Like button doesn’t show unless you click on the comment button. Not everyone wants to comment, and they might not find the like button. Do you know how to get it on the post?


    • Jeff – I noticed with this theme that the like buttons don’t show unless you click on the comments link. Do you know if there is anyway to change that so the Like button appears on the post?


      • I don’t, sorry. The only way I see it on my blog is if I’m on a specific post’s page. where only that post is seen. But not on the home page where I can scroll down through, I’m not even sure how many posts, there is no like.

      • Jeff – that is why I was hesitent to change themes, althought the one I had was pretty busy and not great for photos. The Like butyton was available when you first go onto the page. You didn’t have to click on the post. I’ll have to see how it works out. Don’t want people to have to work too hard to say “Like.”

      • Who knows, maybe I have been missing out by not having the like button so readily available. The number of “likes” I get had never really crossed my mind. I might have to think about it more to be ale to better track the blogs reach. I’m going to look into it too, but honestly, part of me feels that if one mouse click is one too many before someone has the ability to like what the see, they probably aren’t that engaged anyway.

        Another reason that the thought never occurred to me though is that when ever I share the newest blog post, I always share the direct link to my latest post. But, what the heck do I know about blogging 🙂

  2. Hi Anne,

    Nice new look for highlighting your images!!

    You are right. When you access your blog via the Home page (or front page, whatever you prefer calling it) the “like” information isn’t visible.
    When you access specific posts, the “like” info appears.

    Certain themes (including the one I use) are set up this way. I think it’s a good design feature actually…keeps the front page looking cleaner.
    I love your new black background, for all the reasons given thus far by others.

    • Thanks for checking it out, Big Garden. I’m dissappointed that the Like button isn’t up front, but my old blog theme was getting unweildly. I think I’ll stick with this for now.


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