Weekly Photo Challenge: INDULGE (“Hot Gossip”)

"Hot Gossip" - Copyright Anne Freeman Images

When considering a photograph for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge prompt “Indulge,”  I went straight to my “Shore Thing” photo print series.  Not many activities can beat fun in the sun at the Jersey Shore (NOT that stupid show!).  This photo does double duty, in that the indulgences occurring here are on several levels.  I like to consider what they might be thinking about their topic of discussion by look at their legs’ posturing.  What do you think is the topic of gossip here? ~Anne Get interactive!  You are invited to comment upon this posting.  Options include actual comments, star ratings, “Like” buttons and reposting options.  To access interactivity options, click on the comments link.

Below is my “paintography” version of “Clutch,” also from the “A Shore Thing” series of prints.

"Clutch" (Paintography) - Copyright Anne Freeman Images


 Purchase this photo print and other photo prints at:  http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/annefreemanimages/AnneFreemanImagesPhotoStore

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: INDULGE (“Hot Gossip”)

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  4. On assessing leg positions:

    I do a fair amount of street photography. Some insist that what I do isn’t real SP because I don’t do too many close up street portraits of faces. Actually, other than the fact that I’d rather not annoy strangers by thrusting a camera in their faces ambush-like, I prefer to shoot their entire bodies if I can because the body language tells so much about the situation at hand, and sometimes their temperament at the time.

    Nice touch, Anne!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to review and comment, Mofman. I do appreciate it. It can get touchy photograping people’s faces. As you said, sometime the body can say it just as well. Glad you enjoyed the shot.


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