Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

"Through" - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

A good photo challenge to return from vacation with, I think.  This photo was taken last spring at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve.  I liked seeing the light through the bright green leaves.

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. So simple, yet so strikingly beautiful the way the greens compliment each other. Ditto for the shapes and the balance of the elements in the shot. Wonderful capture!

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    • Hi Sony. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I told my massage therapist that she should post it on her ceiling, because I, too, feel relaxed when I look at it. Don’t know how it does it.


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    • Hello, Canadiantravelbugs. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I had noticed the space so much – glad you mentioned it. I was concentrating on the leaves and branches. Isn’t it interesting how we all see things a bit differentlhy? That’s what is so enjoyable about the photo prompts.


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