Enjoyable Day Ahead

Of course, it’s Saturday, which is enjoyable by definition.  What make’s this Saturday even more enjoyable:  I am installing a new display of framed photo prints this afternoon at the Clinton Book Shop in Clinton, NJ, featuring selected prints from my “Funny Friends” series.  This series was made especially for children and the prints will be hung in the book shop’s children’s room.  After that, I am meeting with a new customer who is purchasing a framed print from my lion pride series.  She chose “Portrait of the Dauhpin” for her daughter, who loves lions.  We are meeting at Wholesome’s Bagel House, which is a few doors down from the book shop, where I’ll also have lunch.  Then, I’ll drop by Sandrian Camera, which is next to Wholesome’s Bagel House, to further my research on a new camera.  Still trying to decide which camera!  A pretty good day, I think.  Hope your Saturday will be as enjoyable as mine!



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Purchase this photo print and other photo prints at:  http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/annefreemanimages/AnneFreemanImagesPhotoStore

12 thoughts on “Enjoyable Day Ahead

  1. Love your images Anne. Wishing you continued success. Hope you find the camera you are looking for. You take amazing photos. Have a great day.


  2. I wish I could also earn from my photos — like you. Hehe … Maybe one day.

    Truly, your photos are really stellar in size and stunning in appearance like this sheep. Wait, I hope that’s really sheep. 🙂

    • Hi Sony – thanks so much. It is an alpaca, actually. Most people think it’s a sheep. One day you will sell, too. Thanks for the comment. Your landscape shots are quite beautiful.


  3. hello pretty sheep!
    what a sweet face, yeah? I agree with you, by definition Saturdays (and weekends in general) are always great days but this one sounds particularly nice for you! Enjoy! 🙂

    • It was a grand day! The children coming into the book store really lit up when they saw the prints. That sweet face is actually an alpaca, a beautiful animal. This animal was waiting to go into a competition at our annual 4-H fair.


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