New Rett Bonneville Story: “Burn Notice”

Rett’s music blog has been burned by a flamer.  She just found out who the flamer is:  a competitive and dirty-dealing singer-songwriter who wants Rett’s spotlight.  Rett must deal with this flamer before too much damage is done to her reputation.  Find out what she does by clicking on the title link: “Burn Notice”


3 thoughts on “New Rett Bonneville Story: “Burn Notice”

    • That’s OK. I realized after posting this story that some of you may not be up on the latest pop culture allusions and terminology used in the story, and you won’t be able to get the joke. If you found yourself scratching your head, and want to know what was going on, below are the meanings of the pop culture allusions:

      “Burn Notice” is the title of a popular TV series about a spy who receives a burn notice from his intelligence agency because an unknown colleague fed bad information to the agency about the spy. In real life, a burn notice means the spy is no longer credible and the spy is cut off from the agency.

      Flaming, carried out by individuals known as flamers, are inflammatory posts put on someone’s website or blog. The flamer is trying to incite hostility towards the person who owns the blog or website on which the flamer has posted. In real life, if an artist gets flamed on his/her website/blog and the artist’s fans believe the flamer, it can cause real damage to the artist’s career.

      “Silly Hoe” is a play on words for “silly ho.” “Ho is slang used in hip-hop and rap pop culture for “whore,” or woman (not a paid prostitute). A silly ho would be a silly, stupid or bad behaving woman.

      “Badge” is a graphic image used on a website or blog. If you receive the HTML code for a web badge and paste the HTML code on your blog or website, the badge image will appear on your blog or website.

      “Avatar” is the graphical representation of the blog or website’s owner’s alter ego or character (not the movie).

      In this story, Rett puts a burn notice on her nemesis and discredit her by calling her a silly ho and inviting her fans to call her nemesis a silly ho, too, on their own websites. She hopes to accomplish by giving her fans the code for a web badge that includes Rett’s avatar and the flamer’s name to post on their own websites.



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