One-Woman Photography Show Month of August 2012

“Triple Threat” Poster – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Saturday, August 4, I hang my one-woman show, “Children of the Waves,” at the North Branch of the Hunterdon County Library located at 65 Halstead Street in Clinton, NJ 08809.  The show runs for the month of August.  This is my first one-woman show there.  Very excited!  The poster above is for the show.  These prints feature “paintography” techniques I like to use for colorful outdoor photographs with lots of action.  These framed prints will be available for purchase with discounts for library patrons.  Prints can also be order online from my store (information below).

Tomorrow, I head to the Jersey Shore for a week of relaxation and more photography.  It is impossible to be there and not take endless numbers of photos!  The colors, forms, and energy of the beach is captivating.  I hope to have more great shots when I return.  Are you looking forward to a vacation that will include your camera?

If you live in the greater New York City area, perhaps I’ll see you there!  If not, I’ll look forward to more blogging, post a week, and visiting once my vacation and over and my show is hung. In the meantime, there are more “Children of the Waves” shots on this blog.



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12 thoughts on “One-Woman Photography Show Month of August 2012

  1. Hey Anne! Love the website and wish you luck on the show. I see what’s been keeping you occupied! I’ve noticed your absence on the writing board, and missed Rett. Glad to swing by your blog. You are multi-talented! – Ishmael

    • Hi Ishmael! How kind of you to drop by. I miss you all and can’t wait to have time to get back into writing again. I hung 26 framed prints at this show, and it took be about two months to get together. See you all soon.


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