Off to Hang My One-Woman Paintography Print Show Today

“Boogie Board Princess” from the Children of the Waves series – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Greetings, all!  I’ve been non-com for the past several weeks.  One week was spent at the Jersey Shore basking in the sun and fun (and taking photos!)  The rest of the time I’ve been busy getting ready for my one-woman show, which I am finally hanging today!  Yeah!  It’s been a big job, but worth every minute.  I conscripted my neighbor’s strapping young son to do all the actual porting and hanging for me.  I’m just so glad to be at “D” Day (display day).  Then I get ready for my next display coming up (notice soon) and back to some blogging and visiting blogs.  I’ve missed out photo community, but have no doubt that you’ve all been holding down the fort!  Chat soon!


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