Weekly Photo Challenge: “Wrong”

“Acrobat At Twilight” – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

What is WRONG with this man?  He spent about twenty minutes climbing on top of and inside of this contraption that was rotating around and around.  I was dizzy watching him perform at our county 4-H fair.  When he finished this feat, he got on a motorcycle and drove sideways within a large tube-shaped cage.  Can’t he find another way to make a living?  At the end, he and his team asked for donations from the audience to help them pay for their insurance.  Duh!!!  But still, I enjoyed the shot.


Enjoy some additional interpretations of “Wrong” (you’ll have a chuckle):








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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Wrong”

    • Hello, Kap10bob. This goes to show that it is all in the eyes of the beholder. I cringed while watching, and you see fun. That’s what makes the world go round! Thanks for the visit and comment.


      • Yes indeed, your photo looked fun to me but watching in live may be a different story. Cheers Anne and keep on sharing your amazing photos 🙂

  1. Isnt this the greatest weekly challenge! Saying “that’s so wrong!” is one of my most oft-used expressions for anything and everything that seems wierd, strange, or just plain dumb! And the aerialist in your photo? WRONG WRONG WRONG!! Talk about risky behaviour for NO discernible worthwhile reason!!!! Egads!!!
    Great choice, Anne!

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