Book Review: “Death’s Door” by James Benn (Historical/WWII Mystery)

Every once in a while you come across a mystery series that is truly interesting.  The Billy Boyle series written by James Benn is one such series.  I stumbled across this author when I was working on the “Bs” in my  local library.  Set during WWII, Billy Boyle is Boston police detective who is now working as an Allied intelligence agent under the direction of his uncle, General Eisenhower.

What makes this series different is that Boyle is typically sent to the front line to investigate wrongdoings on the Allied side, including straight out criminal activity.  This is not an espionage series.  Benn situates Boyle in real events as he carries out his investigations, and he ends up in some difficult scrapes, being on the front line and all that.  The author’s voice is strong and straightforward, the stories complex, and interesting as all get out.  If you like mysteries, historical mysteries, and/or WWII stories, you’ll probably enjoy this series.

The most recent, “Death’s Door,” takes Boyle and his compatriot to German-occupied Rome, where they are smuggled into the Vatican to solve a murder of a high church official within the walls of the Vatican, who happens to have family back in the States, who happen to have connections with General Eisenhower …


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