Anne Freeman at New Gallery

“Reclining Leopard” – Copyright Anne Freeman Images

I’m excited to announce that I will be a permanent artist at a new gallery being established as part of Kathy’s Kove & Kafe in Washington, NJ (Warren County).  The gallery will be open in early November.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to put together a fair amount of work over this past year because of the various shows and displays.  I will focus on my “Old Barns & Outbuildings” series, with some additions from my safari shots to fill out this display through the fall and holidays.  How exciting to think about!

Five or six other area artists and photographers will also be included in the gallery.  I’ve not yet had an opportunity to view their work.  It just so happens that I’ll have some pieces from the Old Barns & Outbuilding series on display as part of the October Washington Art Walk just a block from the gallery, so I’ll move the pieces over to the gallery.  I’ve been working towards a gallery placement for quite some time now, and it’s very exciting to finally have a start.

I share this news with my blogger friends who are photographers, along with other announcements of my shows.  Why?  Because you can do this, too.  Start with local libraries.  They often have areas where they display artwork.  Talk to local businesses.  Many would like artwork to hang on their walls.  It creates interest.  Hold your breath and get out there!  With regard to frames, wait for sales a stores like Michael’s.  I bought the frames for my October show for $6.00 a piece with sales and coupons.  You can do it.

About this photo, “Reclining Leopard.”  After several days on safari in the Serengeti, we finally came across the elusive leopard.  What a beauty!  It was sprawled lazily in the crook of a large sausage tree.  Also in the tree was the carcass of a young wildebeest.  Leopards drag their kills up into trees to keep them from hyenas, mostly.  Lions will steal from leopards, too, but hyenas cannot climb trees.  Leopards are strong climbers, and are capable of dragging quite large kills up into trees.  Unlike lions, leopards are solitary animals, and are most active at night, which lends to their elusive nature (and difficulty finding them during daytime safaris).

Although leopards have spotted coats like cheetahs, they are very different animals physically.  Although they may weigh near the same, cheetahs are delicately built, with long, thin legs, small paws, long necks and small heads.  Leopards are more heavily built and larger than cheetahs, and have short, powerful legs, large paws, and large heads.  They weight up to 140 pounds, compared to the lion‘s 400-500 pounds and the hyena’s 150- 190 pounds. And like the other cats, leopards are gorgeous.  Somehow, they seemed more frightening to me than the other cats.

As we sat and watched the leopard relax in its tree, the safari guides were busy calling each other on their radios.  Soon, near twenty other jeeps appeared, with elated photographers.  After some time, the leopard arose, stretched, and slowly climbed down the tree trunk and disappeared amongst the long grass.



7 thoughts on “Anne Freeman at New Gallery

      • Any time spent away from your writing to pursue this new venture, will surely fuel your tanks for more writing. Rhett will only benefit!

        Best of luck Anne and I can’t wait to see future posts of how it’s going! I am very excited for you. 😉

  1. Congratulations, Anne! And thanks for the tips about how to get your photography displayed. I have a photographer friend who recently had a show; she bought all of her frames at Michael’s also. I’ve been collecting frames as I come across them on sale. Now to decide on prints to put in them and then get them exhibited around town. As you say, area business and libraries are often happy to have the art on their walls. I think small businesses are willing to help artists because they know what it is like to work for themselves.

    • Thanks for the comment, Kate. I’ve had good experiences with libraries and local businesses. It’s a nice way to build your resume. Keep me posted on how things progress.

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