Pumpkin on a Post … And Fall!

“Pumpkin on a Post” – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Fall is finally arriving here in Northwestern New Jersey, what we call the Skylands region, which encompasses Hunterdon, Warren, Somerset, Morris, and Sussex counties.  Pumpkins and gourds are everywhere.  This is a great season for photographs!  What I like about this photo is the unlikely angle of the first pumpkin.  The owners must have a nail or something that attached the pumpkin to the post’s angled top.  However it was accomplished, it’s great fun!

Another gift from the fall season is mushrooms and toadstools.  I’m not sure which kind this one is, below.  It may be a Russula, which is also known as “The Sickener,” not one to eat!  Mushrooms are actually the fruiting body of the fungus, which grows mostly underground.  When you take a walk in the fall, make sure to look down as well as look up at the trees’ lovely show.

“Blush” – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I hope you are enjoying your Fall season!


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