Washington Art Walk A Success!

My Recent Art Walk Poster

This past Thursday evening was the Art Walk in Washington, NJ.  What a delightful evening!  The weather was warm and clear, which brought folks out to enjoy all of th art on display at various businesses throughout town.  I was stationed at the Warren County Habitat for Humanity office and thrift store, where my “Old Barns and Outbuildings” prints were on display.  Close to 25 people came through that evening to view and purchase my art.  Thanks to all of you who visited and special thanks to those of you who purchased prints!

It was recommended to me to have smaller and lower-priced items on hand for the reception.  I brought several nice baskets along that were full of 4×6 and 5×7 prints as well as a basket of 5×7 framed prints. Those were the big sellers that evening.  Inexpensive and easy to carry.  I also gave out postcards for the gallery opening in November.

I met a woman from the Phillipsburg NORWESCAP, who invited me to participate in their fundraiser this coming Friday.  I’ll be presenting a basket of framed 5×7 prints from my “Barns and Outbuildings” series and several seasonal prints.  They will also distribute my gallery opening postcard, for which I am very happy.  All in all, it was a very successful evening!

Does your town have an Art Walk?  If not, consider contacting your local Business Improvement District (BID), or if your town does not have a BID, check with the local Chamber of Commerce to determine what business promotion organization might be operating, and encourage them to sponsor an Art Walk.  Art Walks are a great way to bring people to your town and local business, and provide exposure to local artists.




Anne Freeman Images: The Art of the Outdoors

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