Anne Freeman’s New Gallery Up & Running

“Red Barn With Stormy Sky” – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Hi All – I’ve been offline for a few weeks due to the hurricane, but now I’ve returned.  Good to be back!

I am so pleased to announce that the new art gallery at Kathy’s Kove, 5 Washington Ave, Washington, NJ (Warren County) is now up and running.  I installed my first show on Saturday, November 10, just a few days after Hurricane Sandy ripped through New Jersey.  Fortunately I did not experience any damage, and the gallery had electric back in three days.  Installing the show was a great diversion from the storm, for sure.  I installed my “Old Barns & Outbuildings” series for the first display.  With the cost of the storm, I anticipate that holiday sales will be slow, so I was sure to include low-cost item  like cards and postcards.  I’ll also be adding matted prints without frames.

On Thursday, November 15, we held a grant opening celebration at the gallery during the Washington Art Walk.  I was not able to do all of my normal marketing to announce the opening due to the storm, (I didn’t have internet access for two weeks!), but  folks stop by to visit, nonetheless.   It just felt so good to finally have the gallery open and a home for my work.

I encourage you all to check around where you live to find out if towns are holding similar events.  The Washington Art Walk is sponsored by the Washington Business Investment District, or BID.  Many towns have BIDs, so that would be a place to start.  If you live in commuting distance to Washington, NJ, visit the BID office website to learn how to become a participating artist.  Here is their link:  Not only did I receive free exposure – and was included in a press release put out by the BID – I was invited to be a part of the Art Gallery by the owner after seeing my work.  You never know what can happen!

The best thing I did for my photography was to get out there and share my work.  I hope you do the same!



2 thoughts on “Anne Freeman’s New Gallery Up & Running

  1. I am so excited for you. Things are really picking up and moving forward. Congratulations. I am sooooooop in love,with your barn photos. That silo to the left of this pic got my attention. Very cool (for lack of a more intelligent word) 😀
    Have fun. I wish you scads of success. G

  2. Such lovely comments, Gemma! Much appreciated. It’s funny – a few people who came to the Art Walk last month, who saw my barns exhibit, said, “Hey, it’s the Barn Lady!” Can’t ask for more than that – folks remembering your work. I am blessed! Enjoy your T-day, Gemma, and thanks for the comment.

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