“Carosel Crazy” Display at Clinton Book Shop

"Stamplede!" - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

“Stampede!” – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Today I hung a new display of art prints at the Clinton Book Shop, located in Clinton, NJ.  The new display includes paintography art prints selected from my “Carousel Crazy” series, featuring carousel horses I photographed during the annual 4-H Fair in Hunterdon County, NJ, this past August.  I love going to the fair!  My favourite part is the 4-H competitions where students show their animals and their handling skills.  It’s great.  Are there fairs near you?

The Clinton Book Shop has a nice children’s reading room in the back where my prints are on display.  These colorful 8×10 inch prints are installed in 8×10 inch clip frames, which are glass panels with a heavy cardboard back held together by metal clips.  I like clip frames because they are inexpensive and blend in with any decor.

All of the prints at the Clinton Book Shop are available for purchase, right in time for the holiday season!  Hope to see you there.  Visit the Clinton Book Shop website for more information and driving directions.



Anne Freeman Images: “The Art of the Outdoors”

Anne M. Freeman specializes in Americana Paintography Art Prints.

Gallery: Kathy’s Kove Art Gallery in Washington, NJ 07882


9 thoughts on ““Carosel Crazy” Display at Clinton Book Shop

    • Hi Dean. Thanks so much. Glad you liked it. I was so fortunate when I took these photos. The fair hands were on their dinner break so the carousel was shut down. I could take all the photos I wanted. Hope all is well with you and your writing.

      • Hi Anne,

        All is well with me. I had a major break through for an ending for my book so I’m now re-energized to get it finished!!

        Love the Carousel photos!!

        Hope you’re almost done with your holiday shopping!


      • That’s great news, Dean! I’m so pleased for you. And, I’m glad that you like the photo. I’ll be including some of them in my Jan show at the gallery. I’m curious to see if any sell. Anyway, please keep me posted about the book. Shopping is DONE!


      • Thanks Anne! I need all the reassurance I can get! I don’t have to tell you what a daunting task it is!

        I’m glad you’re done with your shopping.. Finishing mine today!!

        Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!

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