About Anne Freeman Images: The Art of the Outdoors

“Travel is a wonderful addition to anyone’s life journey, as it can bring us out of ourselves to discover that our tiny portion of the world doesn’t have to lay sole claim on us … we are free to open ourselves to new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new ways of seeing the world.”

Greetings!  There are few things more beautiful and interesting than the great outdoors.  Each of us has within a “journey” of sights, sounds and visions from our life that features our interaction with the outdoors.  My hope is that you will find enjoyment in the photos of flora and fauna and ourselves presented on my website and this journal.  Join me as I explore the world around us – maybe you’ll find a few new images to add to your life’s journey …

I’m new to the blogosphere, although I’ve been a writer for many years.  In fact, I write every day for a living (technical writer), am a songwriter (Country), and have worked as a music journalist (over a hundred articles published).  For several years, I was editor in chief of MusicDish, one of the premier online music business journals.

Hence, when I decided to create a blog, I wanted to focus on something other than writing.  Photography is a new love, and that is my focus.  I purchased a camera two years ago in preparation for an upcoming safari to the legendary Serengeti (it was fabulous), and I haven’t put down my camera since then.  Still learning the ropes, but I’m sure enjoying swinging on them, despite all the tangles …

Not surprisingly, I sneak a bit of writing onto my blog now and then.  I’m developing a series of short stories for my fictional character, singer/songwriter Rett Bonneville.  The short stories are a new project, and I’ll post them on this blog. I expect that Rett will demand her own blog one of these days.  She is a performer, after all, and you know how performers are about sharing the spotlight.  To view her stories, place your mouse over Rett Bonneville Short Stories link under the header photo, or click here to read the first story in the series, “The Small Window.”

I reside in the lovely rolling hills of northwestern New Jersey.  I should use the word bucolic to describe the area, but bucolic always seems like a disease to me.  Not a good word/meaning match.  I do a lot of local photography because it’s just so darn pretty here.  Aside from my safari shots, most of what you will find on my blog is the result of many afternoons meandering along back country roads, and my photos of the wonderful Jersey Shore.

Photos found throughout this blog may be purchased through my online store at: http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/annefreemanimages/AnneFreemanImagesPhotoStore

Happy trails!


28 thoughts on “About Anne Freeman Images: The Art of the Outdoors

    • Thanks so much, Rob! Very kind. And, thanks for reading the other stories. Small Window was my first short story. I hope to use the prompts from Writer’s Digest to keep me going. Are you planning to contribute to the new prompt posted today?


  1. thank you, Anne, for dropping by my photo/writing blog. i appreciate the compliment. your nature photos and photography are beautiful, and i can’t believe they’re just across the hudson!

  2. Thanks for liking my photo challenge on the blog. You have some great ones on here I love the country building ones and the oak leaves on pine has great texture to it.

  3. Hi Anne
    Than you fro visting my Blog .. I liked the idea of your blog and will love to read for you too

  4. Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to visit my site to see the photo and click “like.” I wanted to come over and visit yours as well, and I’m so glad I did. Your photos are truly beautiful. I’m a little pressed for time this evening, but I will be back to view more. And since I’m also a writer, I’ll look forward to your short stories.

    • Hi Sandra – I’m not sure if I responded to your post. Still learning my way around this blog stuff. Glad to hear you’re a writer, and I will look forward to reading some stories on your blog.



  5. Great site Anne! I enjoyed looking around and I’ll be back. We have some things in common – I’m a relatively new photographer and I also grew up in NJ – in Middletown near the shore.

  6. Hi Anne, I’m loving your blog. I am passionate about nature and animals and love reading and writing about them, having now added photographing them too, I am in delight all the time!
    I am writing a book about all my various animal encounters and experiences, and it is such fun!
    I love your photography, and want to really hone my skills this year.

    • Those are wonderful goals, CCG. It is good to spend time in the things that delight us. Photography is on top of the delight list, for sure. Thanks – I appreciate your sharing your comments.


  7. Hi, Anne. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I have been following your blogs for a few weeks now. I think you are a great writer and photographer. You have impressed me not only in your ability to discuss different interesting topics in your blogs, but have also captivated me in your ability to capture different great images through your genius manipulation of the lens. I hope you’ll consider accepting it and the acceptance rule: http://philippinehappinessandlove.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/versatile-blogger-award/

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