African Safari! Photo Series

The galleries featured here contain prints of photos taken in the famed Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Caldera, and Tarangiere National Park, all in Tanzania, Africa, along with narratives regarding the photos.  I had the great pleasure of being on a photo safari at these parks, an adventure I’ll cherish forever!  I’ll be adding new galleries over time, but the first one will be LIONS!


2 thoughts on “African Safari! Photo Series

  1. Anne,

    My husband and I saw your African Safari presentation at the North County library. We are planning to go on a safari in November and I wanted to check with you again on the type lens you used to get such great pictures. Any input would be welcome.


    Val Daly

    • Hi Valerie. How exciting! I used a superzoom camera that does not have interchangeable lenses. It was a Pentax X-90, about $300. I bought mine in mid-2010, and there are many more superzooms available now. All the big manufacturers make them. The benefit of the superzooms is that you don’t have to change lenses. It is very dusty during the dry season and that can be problematic with cameras, especially if one must change lenses on the road. They are very close in qualify to a full SLR camera. but lighter and less expensive, as well. With what outfit will you be travelling? One other suggestion. Space out your inoculations. I did mine over two months and had no problems.


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