Mystery/Fantasy: “One of Our Thursday’s Is Missing” by Jasper Fforde


One of Our Thursday’s Is Missing by Jasper Fforde, (2010) Penguin Books.

Normally when I approach a new writer, I start with the first book writen, especially for a series.  When I picked up “One of Our Thursday’s is Missing” by Jasper Fforde, I did not know it was part of a series.  In a hurry, I grabbed the book because of its interesting title and because it had the library’s  Mystery icon affixed to the spine, checked it out, and left my library without any further research.

When I opened the first pages of the book that evening, I was hooked.  I was so hooked on this book, its story and characters, that I didn’t want it to end!  What a fabulous find!  Fford’s Thursday series falls into what I would call fantasy, but it is a mystery, as well.  Fforde himself describes the Thursday Next as, “a detective who works for Jurisfiction, the policing agency that works inside fiction. The books are set in an odd alternative world, and blends SF, Fantasy, Literature, Horror, and a bit of romance.”  I’m always in awe of writers who can create entirely new worlds for us readers, and Fforde is on top of that game.

If you are a true book lover and a mystery/detective story lover, you must read “One of Our Thursday’s Is Missing.”  I’ll not tell you anything more about it – I want you to have the pure pleasure of this discovery.  In the meantime, I’ll be starting at the beginning of this marvelous series, a book titled, “The Eyre Affair” (2001)  Penguin Books.

p.s. – I enjoyed this book so much I actually visited the author’s website, participated in a contest on the website, and won a signed copy!  This guy is a scream.  Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Mystery/Fantasy: “One of Our Thursday’s Is Missing” by Jasper Fforde

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  2. I loved it as well, but totally forgot in the space of time it took me to request it from the library after reading this that you said it wasn’t the first in the series, I’ve got to go find the Eyre Affair now too!

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