“Children of the Waves”

Welcome to the Children of the Waves art print series page.  This page features “painted”photos.  Why Painted?  Because I love how the block print style boils down a photo to its basic elements: action, form, and color.  And, if children at the beach are not action, form and color, what are they?  Love to hear your thoughts about it.
With regard to framing and reproduction of these photo prints, I chose a wood frame that is whitewashed and looks a bit like driftwood.   The matting is slightly off white with a muted lichen green as the internal layer.  The effect softens the transition between the print and the white matting, and is barely noticeable.
Actually, I believe that these prints would show up best on a photo canvas.  You can purchase these “paintography” prints from the “Children of the Wave” album in my online gallery at:   http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/annefreemanimages/AnneFreemanImagesPhotoStore  

"Double Trouble"








"Pink Hat"


Boogie Board Blonde


Caught It!


Do It Again!










"Hold It Back"




"All In"


"Beach Beauty"


"Digging In"


Bait Fishing"


"The Plan"




"Revving Up"






"Double Strength"


"All The Way"


"Pow Wow"


"Triple Threat"




"Standing Firm"


"Wave Stalker"


"Into the Deep"


"Wave Runner"


"In Daddy's Arms"



Purchase prints, notecards and other items in my online store at:

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