“Shore Thing”

Photos from the “Shore Thing” series feature sights that caught my eye this summer at the beach.  Many are typical shore scenes that capture our common experiences that, if we take a moment with them, we’ll remember a fun moment from our last visit to the shore. Hope that you enjoy them!

All prints in the “Shore Thing” series are available for purchase in the “Beach Photos 2011 gallery in my online store, including prints, note cards, mugs and more.  Visit my online shore at the following link and click on the “Shore Thing” album: http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/annefreemanimages/AnneFreemanImagesPhotoStore  




"The Line Up"


"Shore Thing #46"


"Shore Thing #45"


"Shore Thing #44"


"Shore Thing #42"


"Shore Thing #41"


"Shore Thing #39"


"Shore Thing #38"


"Shore Thing #36"


"Shore Thing #35"


"Shore Thing #7"


"Shore Thing #18"


"Ride It Out"


"On-Shore Breeze"


"Room with a View"


"Shore Thing #34"


"No Waves"


"Pain Before Pleasure"


"Girl's Spot"




"Last Stand"










"I Dance for Food"







The End
You can purchase any of these prints on my online store in the “Shore Thing”album.  Watermarks will not appear on purchased prints.  Store: http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/annefreemanimages/BeachPhotos2011

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