New Display at Wholesome’s Bagel House, Clinton, NJ


“Eight Windows and a Door” – Copyright Anne M. Freeman

If you are anywhere near Clinton, NJ, drop by Wholesomes’ Bagel House for a hot bagel and to view my new display of selections from the “Old Barns & Outbuildings” series.  A friend of mine is researching books to find me a book about the barns of this region.  I know that German and Dutch barns were popular, but I don’t know much about them.  If she is successful, I’ll add background info about the barn prints to my blogs.  In the meantime, I’ve not much to add other than I enjoy them.  This particular prints makes me laugh.  I almost named it, “GRRR!!” as it looks like an angry person.  Hope that you are heading into a Happy New Year. Stay safe.



Anne Freeman Images: “The Art of the Outdoors”
Gallery: Kathy’s Kove Antiques and Art Gallery
5 Route 57 East
Washington, NJ 7882 

3 thoughts on “New Display at Wholesome’s Bagel House, Clinton, NJ

  1. Hi, Anne. My daughters and I very much enjoyed your African safari photos at Wholesome’s. We have been traveling for a few months and just found out that Wholesome’s is closed. Do you know how to get in touch with Paul and Michelle? My e-mail address in Can you put me in touch with them? My daughters will want to tell them how much they will miss them. I wouldn’t bother you about this otherwise. Whenever we are away, they talk about is going to Wholesome’s the first day we are home.

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