Mystery/Cozy/Historical: “The Serpent On The Crown” by Elizabeth Peters. Myster/Cozy

The Serpent on the Crown” is an historical mystery written by Elizabeth Peters that I listened to recently on books-on-CD. The book features a family of Egyptologists/Archeologists who are working in and near the Valley of the Kings in 1922. Peters holds a doctorate in Egyptology, so her descriptions of the sites and Egyptian culture are, I imagine, quite accurate, and she is an old hand at story telling. Her characters are colorful and enjoyable, and her tales are well-told. This is a cozy, so you’ll find no blood and gore. Her story held my attention the way to the end, and I thoroughly enjoyed actor Barbara Rosenblat’s reading. It was great fun! If you enjoy cozy’s, you will enjoy this book. “The Serpent in the Crown” by Elizabeth Peters, Book on CD: HarperAudio.


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