Photo of the Week: Peace


"Peace" Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I posted a photo for the first time to the Photo of the Week sponsored by WordPress.  Met a lot of nice photographers and saw a lot of great photos.  Thanks, all! 

This photo, “Peace” of zebras drinking at a waterhole in the Serengeti is one of my favorite photos from my Safari.  They are so beautiful, and their black and white stripes contrast nicely with the bright green grass  and dark reflection of the muddy water.  I used this photo for my holiday greeting cards in 2011. 


Photo of the Week Challenge:


9 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Peace

    • Hi Green Eyes. Thank you for your kind comment about my photo, “Peace.” I don’t know if I responded earlier. If I did, sorry I’m repeating myself. If I didn’t, sorry it took so long.

      Thanks again.

    • Actually, there was a lion pride nearby, watching them. The lions hunted later in the day. I had the good fortune to watch the hunt. I’ve posted some photos of the pride that you can view in one of the gallery pages titled, “My Day With A Lion Pride.” Have you been on a safari?

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