A Shore Thing Photo Series

“On-Shore Breeze”

A Shore Thing Photo Series

The annual tradition:  my family and I meet every summer at The Jersey Shore.  We’ve been meeting at the shore for about 15 years, now.  How did this tradition get started?  Actually, it started in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  My father’s parents own a cabin on top of a mountain near the Susquehanna River.  They lived there all summer.  All of our family members spent time together at “the farm,” as we used to call it.  My cousins and sisters and I formed close bonds over the years because of our time at the farm.  The farm was sold in the seventies – my grandparents were too old to stay there anymore, and it was too much work my parents and their generation.  We were very sad do lose the farm, so when our generation began having children, we decided to find a new place to gather.  We wanted the next generation to have the chance to bond like we did.  Instead of the mountains, we chose the beach.  The photos in “A Shore Thing” series captures images of our time at the beach, images that I hope will help you relive some of your special moments in the sand, sun and surf. 

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