“After The Storm” – New Posting from the Country Roads: Winter Series

"After The Storm" (Paintography) Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I found this shot of the American Flag while traveling on a small road following a creek in a ravine after a brief snow.  There were several long driveways up the hill on one side leading to big, expensive houses.  This flag was twisted across a wire line stretched across one of the driveways, most likely from the snow storm that howled through the countryside the previous night.  I enjoy the color contrasts, and how the lines of the flag mimic the branches and trunks of the woods behind it.


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5 thoughts on ““After The Storm” – New Posting from the Country Roads: Winter Series

  1. I think I’d have had to get out of the car and straighten it out. It’s good to see that people in out in the country keep their flag’s hung high in celebration of this Nation though.

    • I hear you. It was too high to fix. It probably got whipped around when the snow storm came through. It must have been a strong wind, because it was a large flag. Thanks for commenting.

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