Weekly Photo Challenge: “Down” (Swan)

"Jail Bird" (Mute Swan) - (Paintography) Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Hello fellow bloggers!  For this week’s Photo Challenge: “Down”, I looked down over a fence as found a jail-bird in his pen.  Actually, it was a guard swan and he was on a farm not far from my home.  His stripes were created by the low sun shinning through the thick slats of the fence.  Glad the fence was there!  They bite and they hurt!



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43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Down” (Swan)

  1. Swans are mean, from what I’ve been told. I don’t think I’d want to find out first hand. They are beautiful birds though, despite their nasty attitudes.

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  10. Hi Anne, I love swans. They are beautiful and graceful creatures. They are not mean like some suggest. They are protective, ’cause they know some humans are stupid and can’t keep their hands out of other creatures business. It’s been a real long time since I last saw a swan. Thanks for posting one on your blog and thanks for liking my photo. I will follow you in hope some more swans will fly over your blog and I’ll get to see them too 🙂 ♥ P.S. the “down” (like feather) connection is nothing short of genius.

    • Thank you, kindly, Anette, for your lovely comments! I do have additional shots of this swan that I hope to post on a gallery page in a week or so. And thank you for the follow. I’ll look forward to visiting your blog soon.

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  12. Oo, that must have hurt! I was worried he would poke his head between the fence slats when i photographed him, but I had been there a while and he wasn’t paying anymore attention to me. Thanks for dropping by.


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