Tweet About Lion Photo Win Picked Up by InterviewedDaily

"Baby Love" selected by ADOBE for Blankets of Love Contest to Support ProjectNightNight - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

A tweet sent out by ProjectNightNight about my photo “Baby Love,” above,  being selected by software giant and Photoshop publisher Adobe for the Blankets of Love contest was picked up by online magazine InterviewedDaily, published by the ideamensch!  According to its website, ideamensch is “a community of people with ideas. We profile entrepreneurs, authors, artists, thought leaders, and others on how they bring ideas to life.”  What a great idea.  Fellow photographers, take a look at Interviewed Daily.  And thank you,  Jessica Silvermam Bryan, deputy director of Project Night Night, for the tweet!  To learn more about Project Night Night, which provides and supports other to provide tote bags with a child’s blanket, stuffed animal, and a children’s book to homeless children throughout the US, visit ProjectNightNight –Helping Homeless Children Have Sweeter Dreams.  Needless to say, I am EXCITED!


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