Suspense Book Review: “Fidelity” by Thomas Perry

“Fidelity” Written By Thomas Perry

“Fidelity” is a suspense novel written by best seller Thomas Perry, with the audiobook read by Michael Kramer.  (For those of you unfamiliar with my reviews, I frequently listen to audiobooks on my hour drive home from the day job.)  Fidelity has a cast of characters who are all trying to solve the mystery of the shooting death of a private investigator.  His wife, business associates, and lover want to know why he was killed.  Someone is now after the dead man’s wife, too, who doesn’t work in the agency and seems to have no tie to the reason for the murder.  Everyone is trying to solve the murder and why it happened.  What made this story interesting, however, was the killer.  Perry does an excellent job in making the killer a compelling figure, and you want to know what happens to him more than anyone else.  Not the most suspenseful story I’ve ever read, but I liked how the story played out. Good for a long drive home or a day at the beach. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt2009Audiobook Published by Tantor Media ~Anne

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      • HI Anne, I have lots of sun, too much so, in Oman. I miss the four seasons in the USA and know I will eventually have to come back to them!! When my traveling days are over… 🙂

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